The “What Would Bernie Sanders Do” Podcast Episode #62 (interview with Chicago Progress Director Andre Vasquez)

Sep 7, 2016

Recorded September 5, 2016. Why do our Democratic leaders speak out only AFTER the fact, whether it’s EpiPens or pipelines? After Mylan raised the price of the EpiPen some 300% over 7 years, Hillary Clinton expressed outrage over their greed….on the campaign trail, of course. Darren and Dr. K. express outrage over Mylan’s intermingling with the Democratic party, including its close ties and donations to the Clinton Foundation and its close family connection to Senator Joe Manchin — “Hi, Dad!” And President Obama visits flood ravaged Louisiana but is conspicuously silent about climate change while his Interior Department auctions off 24 MILLION acres in the Gulf for fossil fuel drilling and exploration. Current Democratic Party leadership and their pragmatic progressivism is endangering our health and our planet.

But we DO have the power to change things! Our interview with Andre Vasquez of Chicago Progress offers hope for unifying the progressive movement, starting at the local level. We preview the goals and potential impact of Chicago Progress, and Andre offers hope that through informing and connecting we can let the people know that the power is in their hands to implement change from the bottom up.

And…the WWBSD Podcast will be partnering with Chicago Progress! We’ll be doing our part in offering a voice to local progressives regarding issues of concern and covering stories you might not hear about on the evening news. Getting the truth out so we can take action together–now THAT is something that Bernie Sanders would do!

The What Would Bernie Sanders Do Podcast is Dr. Barry Kaufman with Host Darren Stephens and is produced in Chicago by Ruth Kaufman. Information on the podcast is supported by the Facebook page: Learn more about how you can help the campaign by going to Find us on Twitter and Instagram @wwbsdpodcast. Music by Robin Bienemann Support our sponsor by going to

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  1. Thank you SO much, Kathy! We’re getting that word out so those struggling understand that they have to get informed and involved!

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