Chicago Calls for Peace

ACTION: Chicago Calls for Peace – September 24th 12PM-1PM!

3,059 Chicagoans have been shot and 522 have been killed this year. More people have been killed in our city than in New York and Los Angeles combined. Since 2001 more Americans have been killed in Chicago than have died fighting the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. On average, 12 people are shot each day and the murder rate is at a 20-year high. It is overwhelming and we risk becoming numb to the real suffering experienced by so many in our city.

A city-wide epidemic requires a city-wide response.

On Saturday, September 24 from 12:00-1:00pm people all around Chicago will step into their neighborhoods to call for peace. From our many communities, with one collective voice, we will call for:

  1. Unity and solidarity throughout Chicago to combat violence and its causes;
  2. Attention to the many local, often overlooked, initiatives that address violence;
  3. Resources for the communities most impacted by violence.

Go to to find an event to participate near you, or organize your own!


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