OP ED: How to Know If You’re Progressive by Larry Sawyer


1. Were you born?
2. Are you human?
3. Do you like breathing?
4. Do you ever get a feeling of concern?
5. Do you understand the importance of truth?

If you are reading this, you were born because reading this would involve eyesight and consciousness. Because this is an article (spoiler alert) on American politics, I’ll direct this to those readers who are eligible to vote and of voting age.

Sentient beings on Earth include plants and animals but plants cannot vote as of the time of this writing, so I will devote this article to humans. In 2012, Danish freediver Stig Severinsen held his breath for 22 minutes but most average humans can only hold their breath for close to a minute. So let’s face facts: compared with Stig we’re pretty average when it comes to this weird skill. If you’ve made it this far in the article, you’re still breathing but you may be growing concerned with where my argument might be taking you. You might also be concerned about the factual content of this article and actually visit the link I’ve provided below to see whether what I’m saying here is actually true. (Twenty-two minutes just doesn’t sound believable).

You understand that wasting time reading something that isn’t true would be just that—-a waste of time. So if you agreed with all that . . . you were born progressive! Let me explain.

Progressives are interested in PRESERVING the environment because their pursuit of truth led to an understanding that our lives depend on a livable environment.

Progressives are concerned with issues like air quality because they see the connections between legislation and our communities (Flint, Michigan, anyone?) and have, indeed, experienced it firsthand.

Dishonest politicians who are taking handouts from polluting corporations don’t care about your air quality or water quality for you or your family. If this concerns you, guess what? You’re progressive!

Most all of us can agree that issues like air quality and water quality SHOULD be of primary importance to all but (newsflash) they are not. BILLIONAIRES aren’t concerned with average people and where those people get their water or the quality of the air in their communities. They are FAR removed from the interests of the people and are only interested in promoting issues that benefit corporations that want to deregulate and destroy laws that preserve our clean air and water.

To achieve their aims (surprise) they lie. Progressives understand the importance of truth and hold honesty as a core principle. Especially in these troubled times, those who lie to you are wasting your time!

Progressives: Go forth and talk up this issue with those you know and vote out politicians who don’t value the air and water in our communities. Reward those who treat this as an important concern with your vote in 2018.

Proud progressives: What you are doing is vitally important. Without an EARTH there won’t be any Americans let alone Democrats or Republicans.


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