Election 2018: Judicial Recommendations – #KnowYourGovernment

Feeling overwhelmed by all the judicial candidates on your primary ballot?

We’ve got you covered.

We’ve pored over recommendations of 12 different local bar associations and narrowed down to the best choices for each contested seat. All of the candidates here have received only ratings of Recommended/Qualified or better from all bar associations whose recommendations we reviewed. (Links to their full surveys are available at the end of this post.)

Just bookmark this handy voting guide and take in into the voting booth.
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Any others were rated as Qualified or better unless otherwise noted.
Any races with multiple bold names were rated fairly equally and are all recommended – however, vote for only one in each race.
Only contested races are listed.

Circuit Court

Judge of the Circuit Court
(Vacancy of Brewer)

121    Oran F. Whiting
122    Kathryn Maloney Vahey
123    John Maher – NR

Judge of the Circuit Court
(Vacancy of Clay)

126 Kathaleen Theresa Lanahan
127 Jonathan Clark Green
128 Michael I. O’Malley – NR
129 Lori Ann Roper – NR

Judge of the Circuit Court
(Vacancy of Dooling)

130 Tom Sam Sianis
131 Timothy John Leeming
132 Corri Diane Fetman – NR

Judge of the Circuit Court
(Vacancy of Flanagan)

135 Amanda Moira Pillsbury – NR
136 Preston Jones Jr.
137 Keely Patricia Hillison
138 Ioana Salajanu – NR

Judge of the Circuit Court
(Vacancy of Hartigan)

139 Cecilia Anne Horan
140 Keith L. Spence – NR

Judge of the Circuit Court
(Vacancy of Jordan)

141 Clare Joyce Quish
142 Jerry Barrido
143 Patrick Dankwa John – NR

Judge of the Circuit Court
(Vacancy of McGinnis)

144 Brian Terrence Sexton – NR
145 Peter Michael Gonzalez
146 Bradley R. Trowbridge

Judge of the Circuit Court
(Vacancy of Prendergast Rooney)

147 Jack Hagerty
148 Mable Taylor – NR

Subcircuit Court

Look up your Judicial Subcircuit and sample ballot here.

(Subcircuit 1 – Vacancy of Hambright, Jr.)
151 Litricia Payne (D) – NR
152 Erika Orr (D)

(Subcircuit 2 – Vacancy of Lampkin)
151 Tiana Ellis Blakely (D)
152 Fredrick H. Bates (D)

(Subcircuit 2 – Vacancy of Laws)
153 William H. Laws (D)
154 Adrienne Elaine Davis (D)

(Subcircuit 2 – Vacancy of Rhodes)
155 Toya T. Harvey (D)
156 Tiesha L. Smith (D) – NR

(Subcircuit 2 – Vacancy of Turner, Jr.)
157 Travis Richardson (D)
158 Ieshia Gray (D)

(Subcircuit 2 – Vacancy of Willis)
159 Debra A. Seaton (D)
160 Sheree D. Henry (D)
161 Ubi O’Neal (D) – NR

(Subcircuit 2 – Vacancy of Turner)
162 Devlin Schoop (D)
163 Arthur Wesley Willis (D) – NR

(Subcircuit 3 – Vacancy of Delehanty)
151 Patrick Thomas Stanton (D)
152 Michael Hayes (D) – NR
153 Kevin Patrick Cunningham (D) 

(Subcircuit 4 – Vacancy of Davy)
151 David R. Navarro (D)
152 Caroline Jamieson Golden (D)

(Subcircuit 4 – Vacancy of Riley)
153 John Andrew O’Meara (D)
154 Elizabeth Ciaccia-Lezza (D)
155 Danny Collins (D)
156 Martin D. Reggi (D) – NR

(Subcircuit 5 – Vacancy of Banks)
151 Rhonda Sallee (D) – NR
152 H. Yvonne Coleman (D) 
153 Gino Betts (D) – NR
154 Gwendolyn D. Anderson (D) – NR

(Subcircuit 5 – Vacancy of Jones)
155 Marian Emily Perkins (D)
156 Jenetia Marshall (D) – NR
157 David L. Kelly (D)

(Subcircuit 5 – Vacancy of Washington, II)
158 Robert Harris (D)
159 Shay Tyron Allen (D) – NR
160 Mary Alice Melchor (D) – NR

(Subcircuit 6 – Vacancy of Chevere)
151 David C. Herrera (D) – NR
152 Kent Delgado (D) 
153 Sean Patrick Kelly (D) – NR

(Subcircuit 6 – Vacancy of Cooke)
154 Edward J. Underhill (D)
155 Charles “Charlie” Beach (D)
156 Andrea Michelle Webber (D)

(Subcircuit 6 – Vacancy of Lopez Cepero)
157 Linda Perez (D)
158 Stephanie K. Miller (D)

(Subcircuit 8 – Vacancy of Fabri)
151 James “Jamie” Shapiro
153 Stephen J. Feldman – NR
154 Robin Denise Shoffner
155 John Christopher Benson
156 Bonnie C. McGrath – NR

(Subcircuit 8 – Vacancy of Liu)
157 Lindsay Huge
158 Michael A. Forti
159 Cyrus Hosseini – NR
160 Athena A. Farmakis

(Subcircuit 8 – Vacancy of Pethers)
161 Jeanne Marie Wrenn
162 Myron “Mike” Mackoff
163 Rishi Agrawal

(Subcircuit 10 – Vacancy of O’Neill Burke)
151 Stephanie Saltouros (D)
152 Gwyn E. Ward Brown (D) – NR
153 Lorraine Murphy (D) – NR

(Subcircuit 10 – Vacancy of Suriano)
154 Colleen Reardon Daly (D)
155 Noreen Patricia Connolly (D) – NR
156 Gerald Cleary (D)
157 Jill Rose Quinn (D) – NR
158 Thomas J. Gabryszewski (D) – NR

(Subcircuit 11 – Vacancy of Kennedy)
151 Joanne F. Rosado (D)  
152 Scott J. Frankel (D) 

(Subcircuit 12 – Vacancy of Maki)
151 Joel Chupack (D)
152 Carmine Trombetta (D) – NR
153 Thomas Raymond Molitor (D) – NR

(Subcircuit 14 – Vacancy of Garcia)
151 Marina E. Ammendola (D)
152 Beatriz A. Frausto-Sandoval (D) – NR

(Subcircuit 15 – Vacancy of Scully, Jr.)
151 Ashonta Rice-Akiwowo (D) – NR
153 Michael B. Barrett (D)

(Subcircuit 15 – Vacancy of Zelezinski)
154 Anthony C. Swanagan (D)
155 Scott McKenna (D)



Chicago Bar Association
Pocket Guide
Full “Judge Smart” Guide

The Alliance of Bar Associations for Judicial Screening is comprised of:

Asian American Bar Association of the Greater Chicago Area (AABA)
Black Women Lawyers’ Association of Greater Chicago (BWLA)
Chicago Council of Lawyers (CCL)
Cook County Bar Association (CCBA)
Decalogue Society of Lawyers (DSL)
Hellenic Bar Association of Illinois (HBA)
Hispanic Lawyers Association of Illinois (HLAI)
Illinois State Bar Association (ISBA)
Lesbian and Gay Bar Association of Chicago (LAGBAC)
Puerto Rican Bar Association of Illinois (PRBA)
Women’s Bar Association of Illinois (WBAI)

Their full guide can be found here:

Additional resources

You can refer to for future judicial election guides.

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