Chicago Progress was born out of a growing frustration with a political system that too often fails to represent the voice of the people. Although issues such as corruption, monetary influence, lack of transparency, and exclusion in the political process are nothing new, the 2016 election served as a tipping point for many of us, while also revealing the significant number of Americans that share the same frustrations. Our response was to channel that anger and disillusionment into a push for real change, starting at the local level.

Our Mission:


  • Fostering community in and among the individual wards of Chicago; bridging the gap between the activist and political organizations throughout these wards.
  • Providing a network and environment that welcomes everyone to take part in the political process.
  • Being a hub for political and civic engagement events happening throughout the city.


  • Learning together about the political process in the city of Chicago and educating people on the ways in which they can be a part of that process.
  • Connecting Chicagoans to the initiatives, political organizations, and candidates that matter to them in a manner that is compelling and accessible.


  • Providing media content (video, podcasts, etc.) and events that are exciting, informative, and drive people to act.
  • Creating a community that can identify and support local candidates that will work to create the changes that represent public opinion.