City holds Northside Police Accountability Hearing hosted by Ald. Moore, Osterman

Senn High School, Chicago, 8/9/16

The first of four Police Accountability Hearings announced by Mayor Rahm Emmanuel was hosted last night by Aldermen Joe Moore (49th), Harry Osterman (48th), James Cappleman (46th), Tom Tunney (44th), and Ricardo Munoz (22nd).

The “hearing” was very much that. The Alderman sat and listened as citizen after citizen voiced their opinion on police brutality and what a proposed accountability board should look like in 4 minute increments. Different local organizations listed their preferences, while referring to the police brutality and absolute dissatisfaction with the status quo. Whether the Alderman plan on adopting measures or co-sponsoring ordinances remains to be seen, but the Alderman established the premise that they would be answering no questions in the three and a half hour block during which the hearing took place. Approximately 200 people were in attendance, and most, if not all, were in agreement on having a fully elected board of citizens that would be representative of different areas of the city.

Although it is doubtful that the elected officials would really take any of the recommendations made, a number of community members championed the Civilian Police Accountability Council Ordinance, which proposes a fully elected board.

I asked that they listen to our voices now, or they would be forced to hear them during the next election, when we hold them accountable.

To find out more about the CPAC, go to!

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