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Comptroller Election 2016 – #KNOWYOURGOVERNMENT


The comptroller of Illinois is chief financial officer of the government of Illinois.

The comptroller is charged with the duties of:

  • Maintaining the central fiscal accounts of the state
  • Ordering payments into and out of the funds held by the Treasurer of Illinois
  • Signing paychecks or granting approval to electronic payments made by the state to its employees and creditors

Why is it important?

  • In an environment like we currently have in our State Government, where it can’t pass a budget, the comptroller can opt to stop payment to State officials until a budget is passed.
  • Without a balanced budget, the state of Illinois is piling up obligations much faster than it is taking money in. School districts, social services, and vendors have taken longer to get paid as a result, and it’s the comptroller’s job to figure out who to pay, when, and how.
  • For more, see WBEZ’s take on why the Illinois Comptroller race deserves extra attention this year.

Things to Note:

  • The current comptroller, Leslie Munger, did not win an election to get the office, but was appointed by Governor Bruce Rauner after the death of comptroller Judy Baar Topinka in 2014.
  • This is a Special Election, so the winner will face voters again in two years.
  • Governor Rauner donated $1 Million of his own money to Munger’s campaign.
  • Democratic nominee Susana Mendoza is largely backed by Unions and Democratic House Speaker Michael Madigan.
  • There are 2 additional candidates – Tim Curtin (G) and Claire Ball (L).

Debates and Candidate Statements

WTTW Chicago Tonight Illinois Comptroller Candidate Forum

WTTW Candidate Free Time

Leslie Munger (R)

Susana Mendoza (D)

Tim Curtin (G)

Claire Ball (L)

Additional Resources:’s Candidate Questionaire
How Mendoza Could Make Life Miserable for Rauner (Crain’s Chicago Business)

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