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Works in Progress – Episode 4 – Labor power and Movement for a People’s Party

On this episode of Works in Progress, Sammy Kayes discusses labor power, the failure of the Democratic Party, and a new alternative. We also hear from Nick Brana, who is founder of the Movement for a People’s Party and spoke at the Chicago chapter launch.


  1. FBI has been doing this under Hoover and the vice director that got rid of Nixon, for awhile now America. This isn”t new. Look up COINTELPRO. Now, people have had enough? Hah. Witness the true power of the powers that rule the US. You are too late. We are all too late. The next Phase is already being activated. Didn”t like Star Wars Last Jedi? Don”t worry, you won”t need a movie since you are already in an epic struggle of good and evil. If you want entertainment, just live and watch humans. Might even be able to see a celestial super weapon or two, once people realize they are not living on what they think.

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